A Heritage into the Future

Wun Yiu is located at Tai Po in the New Territories, Hong Kong. As early as Ming dynasty, Wun Yiu was famous for its porcelain in underglaze blue, and for that reason, it was once regarded as an important ceramics manufacturing center in Hong Kong and the South East Asia.

A group of artists have decided to come together and form the “Hong Kong Wun Yiu Project” and with this, hope that this could help to make use of the richness of the historical backdrops to promote a better understanding of the history of porcelain production in Hong Kong, the appreciation of ceramics as an art form, and to encourage Wun Yiu to become one of the ceramics workshops in Hong Kong where potters and ceramists can exchange their views and where ceramics artworks can be shown.



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From Discovery to Continuity by Lee Wai-sum