Tomorrow Design Office

is a Hong Kong based graphic design studio aimed at creating simple, but practical and innovative design solutions that can influence our society and build a better tomorrow.

We understand even the smallest component affects the perception of a brand, so our responsibility is to take care of every detail in order to make the entire brand a combination of playfulness, uniqueness, well-planned strategy. Our expertise lies in brand identity, visual communication, packaging, company brochure and marketing collateral.


1 Nomination in Hiiibrand Awards 2014 /CN
1 Best work in Applied Typography 25 /JP
2 selected works in Applied Typography 25 /JP
1 Merit in Hiiibrand Awards 2013 /CN
1 Bronze in HKDA Global Design Awards 2013 /HK
5 selected works in Applied Typography 24 /JP
8 selected works in Asia-Pacific Design No.9
1 Entry Award in Graphic Design in China 2013